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A villain published by DC Comics. Abra Kadabra first appeared in The Flash #128 in 1962.

In the 64th Century, Earth will become a utopian society filled with amazing technological wonders. Little if anything will be beyond the reach of science with humanity having created technology that will allow them to perform such feats as telepathy, telekenisis, teleportation, and transmutation. By the 64th Century, all of these things will be common place and humanity will revel in this paradise on Earth.

But not all of humanity is content. A man known as Abra Kadabra lived during this time and his greatest desire was for the approval of others. Despite the obvious pitfalls in this decision, Kadabra decided to seek approval by becoming a stage magician. Now despite the fact that there have been very few stage magicians that have ever been popular and famous (Houdini, Blackstone) and many that were absolute hacks (David Copperfield, Doug Henning, David Blaine), Kadabra began to perform stage magic, but found that his 64th Century audience found his tricks commonplace and boring.

Angry and despondent at his lack of success, Kadabra stole a time machine and traveled to the 20th century and a less advanced audience. He began a crime spree using his 64th Century technology to pull of amazing robberies and forcing his victims to applaud his work. His crimes put him in conflict with the Silver Age Flash and the two battled many times.

After the disappearance of Barry Allen, Abra Kadabra reappeared and fought the new Flash Wally West. During their fight, the device that allowed Kadabra to teleport was damaged and when he next used it, he found himself stuck between dimensions. The experience drove him out of his mind.

Later, Kadabra was able to return to his own time and was finally getting to perform and was gaining recognition. During his largest performance that he felt was going to make him a star, Abra Kadabra was spirited away by the Flash. This act by Wally West gained him the hatred of Kadabra, who now wishes nothing more than to see the destruction of the Flash.

To this end, Abra Kadabra made a deal with the demon Neron to gain real magical ability in exchange for his soul. Neron also used Kadabra to enlist the help of the original Rogues Gallery in a plan to entrap Wally West. West eventually defeated Neron, but Kadabra still seeks the Flash's destruction.