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This is not an Issue Guide!

This is a guide to the vignettes of the Superman & Batman Generations: An Imaginary Tale Series of Elseworlds.

Superman & Batman Generations: An Imaginary Tale is a series of Elseworld tales that attempts to place the DC Comic universe in a single and consistant timeline. Originally in series one this timeline really only included the Bat-family, but in Series 2, 3 more and more of the DC Comic universe has been explored. It is has great mix of campy, dark, serious, and humorous styles, but all in all it is a very solid set of comics tyhat pays homage to every fanboy's appreciation of Batman, Superman, and the JLA, without leaving the unitiated in the dust.

Rather than make one huge gigantic write up, which would be unwieldy for hardlinking, I have followed the syle of the JLA issue guide to make each episode (as opposed to issue) well integrated and easily reached through searching.

Current Entries