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I intend to make the majority (75%+) of my writeups factual, or at least based on factual items
Book/Play/Literature Critique...Making people angry while still maintaining my objectivity
Content Rescue Team: History, Literature
"You cannot kill time without injuring eternity." -Henry David Thoreau
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Rules for tripping on hallucinogenic drugs
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InkedinBlood's Motto:

"There are two types of people in the world: the bright and attractive people like yourself who read and appreciate my writing, and the 6 billion idiots who get in our way. Since we're outnumbered, it's a good idea not to refer to them as idiots to their faces. A devious Inkedinblood reader suggested calling them "In-duh-viduals" instead. The advantage to this word is that you can insult someone without the risk of physical harm. Example:

    You:  You're quite an Induhvidual, Tim.

Tim: Thank you.

If you're not already surrounded by Induhviduals, you will be soon. New ones are being born every minute, despite the complexity involved in breeding. Frankly, I think that much of the procreation of Induhviduals happens purely by accident when to of them are trying to do something complicated- like jump-start a car- and they suddenly get confused. Whatever causes the breeding- and I truly don't want to know the details- it's safe to assume there will be more of it.
The way I see it, you have three good strategies for thriving in a future full of Induhviduals:

  1. Wear loose clothing and pretend your car battery is dead.
  2. Keep Induhviduals in your car so you can use the car-pool lane.
  3. Harness the stupidity of Induhviduals for your own financial gain.

Option one is dangerous. I reccomend that you stay away from anything that involves Induhviduals, electricity, and sex. It's just common sense.

-Thanks to Scott Adams who gave me permission to slightly alter, and use this passage from his ultimate book, The Dilbert Future.

My Political Compass:

Economic Left: 3.38/10

Libertarian: 4.72/10

OKAY E2...

So I've heard that what I'm about to do is a bad thing, and it's a cheap and pathetic method of free advertising, but I've decided that I will do it anyway, and if you don't like it, than you're just an Induhvidual!!!

Writeups that have been C!'d or were exceptionally well-worked:

  • Centennial
  • The Mutiny on the Bounty
  • The Complex
  • Pledge of Allegiance
  • Understanding within: Henry David Thoreau and Walden
  • A pep talk for your penis
  • Old habits die hard

  • Okay, I've decided to start a list which will include writers and contributors to E2, who I feel deserve recognition. This list will include primarily newer users who display potential, but have not gotten an excessive amount of "publicity" on the server, but this list will also include other writers who aren't quite as new, but who are also quite well spoken-of and who have written above and beyond the call of duty. I think that all of the E2 Mentors deserve recognition right off the bat, simply for being willing to work the E2 newbies, but also for being simply willing to make that extra effort. The more experienced writers will have an asterisk or "*" next to their name, and likewise with the newer writers, once they have been well recognized, or they get to level 2. I encourage you all to submit names to me, via msging, but I won't guaruntee that I will add them right away, if at all. This list is primarily at my discretion, but I will add people if enough other users submit the name to me, despite whatever like or dislike I have of that person. I will also, if I see fit, list a particularly good writeup by that member, following their name. I encourage you to also send me an especially good example of that persons writing, when you submit their name. If I get enough names, I may begin a node-list, following god/editor permission. Thanks for your help, and I hope that this gives you an extra boost.


    Writers worthy of noting:

  • Poi-New Apples
  • Iceowl*
  • Toasterleavings*
  • Riverrun*
  • Lometa*-Caught the Vapors
  • Haschel47*-Oregon/How Hitler ruined that mustache for the rest of us
  • PeterC-abstract
  • OberonDarksoul*-RISC OS star commands
  • Momomom*
  • Dannye**
  • LaggedyAnne*-You cannot pick up the pieces, unless they all fall to the floor.
  • Gritchka**-Gothic
  • QuillofTime-Ghenghis Khan