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Antigravity, cheap space travel, perpetual motion, flying cars, jet packs; things of the distant, unattainable future, right? Wrong. Meet the lifter. A simple contraption made out of wood, copper wire, aluminum foil, tape, superglue,…and a 25,000+ volt generator. In other words, a machine that appears to defy the laws of gravity made of household items. People at NASA, and tech lovers around the world are getting excited.

On the science side, it works on a fairly recent effect discovered in the 1920's by Thomas Townsend Brown. Basically, when high amounts of electricity run through a capacitor, or other item that promotes a one-way current between two surfaces, a small propelling force is created. The rest of Brown's life was used to promote and experiment this discovery.

Lifter-constructor Tim Ventura, who has built multiple lifters, is known world wide for his advancements in the field of antigravity. His greatest creation may be one of the greatest lifter successes ever created. 4-feet per side, this aluminum soaked monster is capable of lifting almost a pound of cargo.

NASA has been in on the lifter technology for years and have conducted numerous studies on their propulsion properties. The average 20 cm sided, equilateral triangle lifter will create about 7 millinewtons of thrust, apparently just more than enough to lift the small structure. NASA's design for the lifters, when working in pairs under 27,000 volts at 20 microamps creates 3 millipounds of force. The cause for the propulsion isn't new or radical, or even antigravity, it works on ion wind. Reporter Clive Thompson, who wrote the article noted below, was able feel the wind under Tim Ventura's larger lifters. The electricity travelling from the wire around the top travelling to the aluminum foil wrapped around the bottom, creating a charged stream of ions in the same direction. Viola! Thrust! This also means that lifters do not work in vacuums, ruling out space travel propulsion systems. Tim Ventura was slightly depressed by the news that lifters don't work in vacuums, but he was still hopeful.

Antigravity?…not really. Inescapable feelings that you're watching a small UFO floating right in front of you…definitely. Ion wind concluded to be the culprit for the lifter's phenomena, lifters are no longer a new, simple means of exploring the universe, but a potential means of creating technologies we have only dreamed about up until now. A new age of perpetual motion, cheap energy and transport, hover-cars, and jetpacks, may have just been ushered in. Welcome to the future.

Based on the Wired Magazine Article By Clive Thompson at

My apologies, I realize that the words "By: Clive Thompson" were under my title previously. This was a mistake because i had already written this report for school and i was refering to the author of the article i based my information on