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A tall, thin, monkey-like race of aliens from the Star Frontiers game. Despite their tribal roots, skill in combat and propensity to go into battle rage, they are not similar to Wookies or Klingons, a misconception perpetrated by the atrocious illustrations in the Face of the Enemy module. From consensus on the SF mailing list, Yazirians are more like hyperactive giant flying squirrels.

They inhabit the planets orbiting the stars Athor, Gruna Garu, Scree Fron, and Araks.

Their eyes are adapted to dim light, and consequently have to be protected with goggles in brightly-lit areas. They have skin membranes (wingflaps) stretching from wrist to underarm to waist and ankle on both sides of their body, allowing them to glide short distances.

Due to their effectiveness in combat, they are the race of choice for more combat-oriented players (who almost always misuse them as dumb, full-out brawlers, at least the first few times), rather than rely on their speed, intelligence, and agility.

The Yaz ceremonial weapon, according to Dragon magazine, is the zamra, a razor-sharp throwing discus (didn't know Xena was a Yaz in a past life), but lots of SF fanfic use the K'haddan, which is somewhere between a katana and a wakizashi.