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They still tingle sometimes. It isn't often, but they do. I don't particularly mind the tingling, but sometimes, I notice, and then I remember. I don't always like remembering. And I never like constant reminders. It's okay though. Just another bunch of days to ignore until they go away. Like the people in the funnel pipe. We made it you know, just barely, but we did. And now no one else can. But everyone's floating away into the blue blue sky and we're just getting lost. Where does this go? I can wait, I suppose. It's not like there's anywhere particular I'm heading. We. I keep forgetting dear, please remind me every once in a while that you're still here? Oh, so polite indeed. Save the cats guys, I rather like the rain. But won't it ever stop? Too soon to worry about that. Too soon. The storm will come and we'll be stuck here, out in the cold, but it'll go away. I guess. I suppose. Too early to worry about that. Too soon. Is it time to check out? No dude, we just got here. So much further to go. And the sky turns purple.

"I like this view"

Goodbye. But it isn't. I guess. I suppose. I mean, it is only one sky, right? How big can it be? And we're still only so far away. We could reach out, couldn't we? I think so, but what's out there anyway? Umm... the others? What others? Suddenly, everyone's gone. Engulfed by an inky infinite sky. And I stayed too long. There are always the birds. At least, I think they're out there. I can hear them sometimes, but it's too dark to see. When will the moon come out? Or perhaps I am on the moon. Perhaps we all are. After all, the moon has a dark side, doesn't it? That's a lie. Matter of fact, it's all dark. And no one knew what was on the other side. Blind leaps of faith(?), except we never came down. Fairy dust can make you fly. Way to go Peter.

Except you forgot... We never got to Neverland, and now it's too dark to see. You never taught me how to stop. Us. You never did. We didn't ask, but you weren't supposed to forget either. And we're still floating on the clouds. Maybe it's still too soon to worry about getting down. Maybe you'll remember.

Maybe I'll forget. I think I am forgetting. Maybe I do know, but just can't remember. If I tried so hard to forget, there must have been a reason, right? And this is so much easier, like floating on a cloud. And the storm will come and it'll go away. Maybe we'll miss it completely because we're here. Maybe we can watch it from above and marvel at the lightning flashes. What would it be like to see lightning from above? I guess the moon would know. Too bad she never tells. She must have her reasons I guess. Don't we all? No. That would be a little too simple to watch for an eternity. Perhaps it's just an anomaly. Perhaps we all are just anomalies and the dinosaurs were all there was supposed to fucking be to it. At least they'd just try and snap your head off (literally) instead of tripping you to death. Like on a plank. No one goes insane. You're driven insane. I'd like to meet the driver.

There's not enough time, but there's just so much of it. It's too little time to do anything and too much time to do nothing. Like the ten minute breaks, you know? Perhaps that's all life is, a ten minute break. Imagine that. And we just wasted so much of it complaining how short it was, when we could have just managed a tea and a smoke. Except it's so hot. Why won't it rain? I thought it never stopped. Interrupt - interrupt - interr- Never mind.