Two months ago I couldn't have been any happier. It is amazing what a young child can do for you. I am happily married, have a 9 month old baby boy, own a house, own 2 vehicles, and have a loving, supportive family. Then last month I lost my job. Instantly, I was in danger of losing my house and 1 of my vehicles. Also was the fear of not being able to provide for the child. I know that will never happen but for some reason this fear sticks in my mind. Currently, another company has hired me temporarily for a project, but now it's wrapping up. I still don't have health insurance. It does show me that I can still be happy even though things don't go so well. Even on bad days I go home and my son can do almost anything and make me smile and laugh. For his sake I need to start looking at jobs where I have to relocate. This place is great but it isn't any good to me if there aren't any jobs here. I've been spoiled making my salary and I don't know if I could survive going back down to college wages. I kind of know how my father felt when we were going through some rough times when I was little. Pride takes over at first, but eventually you might have to swallow your pride to get through. This growing up thing is great if a little tough. :)