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I knew I wanted her the minute I saw her. She was beautiful, radiant, clad totally in black, hanging out on the other side of the the hardware department at Fry's. I didn't have a lot of experience back then, and I was nervous about approaching her. I didn't want to embarass myself in front of her and everybody else.

A kid who looked like he was about 16 was at my feet, trying to stock the shelf I was standing in front of. Once it became obvious I wasn't going to move over because I hadn't noticed him, he stood up to see what I was staring at. It was her.

"She's a piece of work, huh?" he said.

"Yeah..." I sighed, before realizing what I was saying. "I mean, uh..." I stammered, before finally settling on a quiet "uh, yeah."

"The sad thing is," he said, "if you get her, you'll be sick of her in a year."

"No way! She's beautiful," I argued. "How could you ever get sick of looking at that?"

The kid looked at me for a minute, then shrugged. "It's not just about looks, dude," he said, then returned to marking boxes of printers at my feet with a price gun. "At first, she'll make you feel like you can do anything. You'll feel like the coolest guy on earth having her near you. And then, little by little, you'll start to notice things you don't like about her. Stupid things, like she's not bright enough, or she's too loud, or something petty like that. And over time, you'll start to resent those things, even though she was like that all along. It's just that you don't notice it right away. After a while, you'll get so used to how she looks, and being hot won't be enough for you anymore." He finished up with the price gun and stood up to walk away. "I've seen it before man," he told me, putting his hand on my shoulder comfortingly. "A year. Then you're sick of her."

I knew he was right. I knew that, even if I somehow managed to get her, I'd be checking out others within a few months. I hated the kid for spoiling my fantasy, and I hated myself because I knew he was right. I felt so shallow.

But I went ahead and got her, anyway. I needed a new laptop.