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Making the first date

Him: Hi baby-girl!
Her: Damn, he's fine
(to one another)
Him: Hiya, how are you?
Her: Oh, i'm great, it's a wonderful day isn't It?
Him: I bet she has a boyfriend
Her: No one like him could be single
(to one another)
Him: Oh yeah, absolutely. You heading out?
Her: Uh, yeah, I'm gonna go lie on the grass
Him: I wish I could lie with her
Her: I hope he can come with me
(to one another)
Him: It's perfect weather for it
Her: Yeah. You got band practice?
Him: I could spend all day laughing with her
Her: I could listen all day to him playing
(to one another)
Him: Yeah, we've gotta practise if we're gonna play at the weekend
Her: You've gotta get me tickets to that
Him: Anything for her
Her: Pleeeese don't sound so whiney!
(to one another)
Him: Yeah, sure, no probs
Her: Thanks
(to one another)
Together: Hey, listen
(pause, nervous laughter)
(to one another) Together: You first
(more nervous laughter)
(to one another)
Together: Do you want to get a coffee sometime?