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Tea made from browned rice. Exists in many variations throughout east Asia, along with close relatives like roasted barley tea. One way to make it is to heat some rice in a pan until it starts to get dark and smells nice and roasted. Then put them in a pot and add boiling water. Simmer for one minute and then cover and turn off the heat. Leave to steep for three minutes, then strain and serve.

It's also possible to buy rice tea in bags, and I have some Korean tea bags which combine roasted rice with green tea - hyun mi nok cha, much the same thing as the Japanese genmai-cha. They make very smooth tea; the rice seems to take the astringent edge off the tea in a similar way to milk.

Another way to make rice tea is to just burn some rice at the bottom of the pan when you're cooking it; once you've served up the unburnt rice just add some hot water and bring it to the boil, and there you have it. They say it's good for the digestion.

I owe most of this rice tea knowledge to Madhur Jaffrey.