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I was one of two pizza delivery D00dZ a la Bio-Dome, and though our employer wasnt normal either, he was rather displeased with our work. When he wanted to see us outside his working hours, we headed to a small shed next to his pizzeria, and there were just two rusty barrels inside. We got down into one barrel and down the secret ladder into a large underground cave with an underground river, run-down house of our employer, and a blue throughoutly rusty Datsun leaning against the house. Our employer told us we were suspended, but we didnt take that too hard and just got back up the other ladder to the surface. Now that we didnt have a job, we had to get money someway else, so we decided to go to the mall that had expensive living quarters in it and steal something from the place we had gotten stuff from before. When we got inside, we headed up a ramp to the second floor, climbed on a glass box with advertisements inside it, and got into an airvent. It had been some time since we last got into this apartment, but I still remembered it well enough so we found our way in trough the airvent of the hall inside.

I remembered the last time we had been there, so I knew there was a motion detector behind the corner, but I didnt know that they had installed new motion detectors too, untill I ended up facing one in the hall. The red light on it hadnt yet flashed, so I tried to stay as still as possible, but it soon blinked anyway and I told my friend to get back into the vent. I didnt have time to get in before I heard the rattle of keys by the door, so I just leaped on the floor behind a sofa. I heard talking of the persons who got in, and as one of them was about to come around the sofa to see what had opened the vent, I slided under the table, which was a very bad cover because of its light structure. I still tried to stay still, untill Tarja Halonen noticed me and happily told me to get up. I dont know if she pretended to his quests that I belonged there, or tried to get me ashamed, but I did as she told and greeted all the other diplomats. The presence of Osama Bin Laden made me wonder a bit, but then I noticed that he was the human who was standing on the airplane in the introduction of Inherit The Earth.

I dont remember the details for a while, but at some point I was alone with two diplomats, and it turned out that they were aliens. As I knew what they were, they tried to intimidate me, but I managed to beat them up, scaring the two kittens of Tarja Halonen in the progress. I didnt want kittens to suffer, so as the aliens started retreating, I took the kittens out from under the sofa and petted them untill they calmed down again and started to purr. I put the kittens on the sofa and said the quote from Duke Nukem 3D to the aliens, "How many more alien races come here to get their asses kicked? I quess one more..." and left the apartment.

I had never used the door of this apartment yet, but I somehow managed to find my way down to the mall. As I got down to the first floor, I noticed that security personnel were checking in, most likely because of me, so I turned around and headed into the storage area of the stores. The security noticed me and came after me, so I started running, carefully because the floor of the cold room was icy, and tipped over a pile of cardboard boxes to obstruct the way of the security personnel. That bought me some time, but they were still after me so I used a teargas grenade I had gotten at some point and dropped it on the floor. As it exploded, I just managed to get out from the outer door before the gas reached me, leaving the security slipping over inside. The pizzeria was near, so I quickly used the secret entrance in the shed, found my friend there, and hid there untill the dream ended..