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Surfing around E2 the other day it occurred to me that there was no node on frivolous lawsuits, particularly humorous ones. Add your own humorous (are there any other kind?) frivolous lawsuits here. Perhaps someday this node will grow up to be a metanode. :) Here are some classic examples:

  • Convict William A. Bell Bey was so put out when his $10,000 sweepstakes entry form was delivered to his cell after the contest deadline that he slapped the state with a lawsuit seeking $200,000 in damages

  • Former Durham, N. C., police officer Bernard Bagley filed a lawsuit against the police department, asking $3 million. Bagley is serving two life sentences for shooting his wife to death with his service revolver, and now says the department should not have issued him a gun, since he was suffering from anxiety attacks.

  • Ex-student Jason Wilkins sued the University of Idaho for $940,000 to pay for injuries he suffered when he fell through a third-story dormitory window while mooning students. Wilkins had climbed onto a three-foot-high heater to reach the window but claimed the University should have posted warnings.

  • Carla S. Koch filed a lawsuit in Cheshire, Conn., against the municipal dog-obedience school for an incident last year in which she slipped in a puddle of dog drool and broke her ankle. She said the school should have had a mat on the floor.

The point of this node, of course, is not to trivialize legitimate access to the courts. Only to point out lawsuits which most people would get a chuckle out of.