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Stargate SG-1

Advanced civilization that abandoned their planet after it was rendered uninhabitable by volcanic eruptions. SG-1 rescued a small team from the planet, but found no others on the planet. The team had been left behind to destroy the stargate.

SG-1 helped the Tollans contact the Nox, who took the Tollan team to their planet. The Nox transported the team to the new Tollan homeworld.

Since then, relations have begun with the government of Tollana, although they will not allow disclosure of their technology due to an unfortunate incident with a neighboring world whom they did provide technology to.

Following a complaint by the Tollans, the Nox, and the Asgard, an investigation found that a group of US Airmen had formed an off-world team whose purpose was to steal weapons and other alien technology. The group was infiltrated and its members arrested. Relations with the Tollan should be stronger as a result.

  • Omoc Leader of the original team
  • Narim Member of the original team
  • Travell High Chancelor

Episodes 1.16 Enigma, 3.18 Shades of Grey