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At least, E2 is no more friendly to old noders than new ones. I use myself as an example of an old noder: I've been involved with Everything, version 1 and then 2, since the summer of 1998. I'm safely ensconced on the Everything's Best Users list (well, the "Everything's Highest-XP Users" is a more descriptive name for it; "best" is in the eye of the beholder).

Does this mean I'm immune to downvotes? Nope, not according to the node tracker. Does it mean I'm immune to having writeups nuked? Nope; it happens not infrequently, either because they were getting-to-know-you nodes from my earlier days, or because the content was superseded by a later writeup, or because it was just lame. Does it mean I'm immune to negative soft linking as commenting? Nope; in the last writeup I made before this one, someone softlinked to fact spamming. Someone will probably read this writeup and tell me to stop noding about noding.

And what do I do about it? Rewrite the downvoted nodes that are worth saving. Practice XP stoicism when I get downvoted. Occasionally rewrite a nuked writeup and put it in a more appropriate place (when "America's named after a pornographer" was nuked, I redid that writeup and put it in Amerigo Vespucci where it was new information). I vote up editor logs because I approve of the editors who tell us what they've gotten rid of. Once I sent a long e-mail to dem bones pleading for the existence of the nuked "Everything Mailing Address Registry," which unfortunately had no effect. But just whining is useless.

So don't complain that newbies get uniformly treated badly. They get treated the same as everyone else; sometimes well, sometimes badly. The Gods and Editors of E2 (a group I'm not a part of because I'm not interested in the responsibility) are not always in agreement with one another, so don't say that they, much less the mass of other users are all anything, whether it's friendly or unfriendly.