Hey all, bones is being held as a political prisoner of Finland and nate is on maternity leave so they asked me to inform everyone of the newest everything feature; Detonate Noder.

If bones's e-mail is right (apparently they have net access in Finnish prisons now), when you reach Level 7, you gain the "Detonate Noder" ability. The way it works is that every home node of noders Level 5 and under will have a little gif of a yellow and black striped panel with a key in it. True to all nuclear war movies, two Level 7+ noders must turn their keys simultaneously (that being within the same hour) and the next time the victi... I mean noder refreshes all he will see is a large mushroom cloud; that noder will simply cease to exist.

Of course there will be certain "restrictions" to keep the blessed from "abusing" this power (I am not sure how I feel about this accusation). The chosen ones will only be able to turn as many keys per day as they have cools, so myself I will be restricted to detonating 7 noders per day.

Though the restrictions are confining to we highborn, bones has promised that he will make it up to us by granting us 100 XP per successful detonate for each noder who turned a key. Thats it, happy exploding!

Oh yeah... he babbled something about only doing it to people who were trolls or something like that. Trolls...HA, I think he was fevered or something; I'm sure we may pay that last part no mind.

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