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Before I decided to get up and welcome the morning sun, I had been tossing and turning, in and out of sleep; searching for a combination of perfect pillow placement and blanket coverage to become comfortable enough to remain asleep. I found myself in total control of my dream, in a semi-conscious state, feeling comfort knowing that I was in my own bed. In the dream I was needing to get a way from what could have been the cops. A urge to take off in a sprint engulfed my entire body and I still can feel the remnants of the tension in my shoulders.

It felt like I was trying to run with a parachute attached to my back, as I strained to gain momentum, I slowed down to the point that I could barely pass the people in the crowd just standing there. I just wanted to run faster. I desperately ache for the scenery to streak past, I fought with my legs to work harder, to put more distance between me and the people I was getting chased by. I was being restrained by a power greater than I.

I look back. There are many more men in black suits now and they're closing in on my position. I learn by running backwards the things started passing by at a faster rate. "I can get a way easily now," I thought. I can feel my body becoming relaxed, the dream fades. Nothing is in my memory then the dream picks up again with me running really slow again, for what ever reason because it doesn't seem that I'm being chased anymore. I end up where I started with the same background as before. I had ran in a circle.

I can't explain the great anguish for me to push my body to over come this barrier of not being able to run. I don't know why I have these dreams about my legs, or for that matter why I have fighting dreams where I have the same problem with my fists not moving at the proper speed. If only I could use this motivation I have in my dreams when I'm a wake to get other things done. I can just about imagine what could happen. I can only imagine.

December 19, 2007