Kathleen Robertson is an actress who has had some success in television and movies. She was born in Hamilton, Ontario (Canada) on July 8, 1973, making her a part of the large Canadian Mafia in Hollywood. She began acting locally in Hamilton, getting a role in a production of Annie at the music hall there.

After traveling to Los Angeles to attend a premiere, she decided to stay and try to get roles in the United States. Her best-known work has been her role as Clare Arnold on Beverly Hills, 90210, which she played from 1993 to 1997. Subsequently, she had roles in the Gregg Araki films Nowhere and Splendor.

Apparently, Ms. Robertson and I share an optometrist. I saw her at his office on Santa Monica Boulevard several years ago. In person, she is quite attractive and a lot more cross-eyed than you can tell from her television and film appearances.