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Needy, Greedy and Cruel one day
Set off in a stolen boat.
We'll steal it ALL away they dreamed,
In search of the Golden coat.
They sailed to the left,
they sailed to the right,
their tailwind a sucking schlurp.
If you crossed their path, either fore or aft,
you were lucky to escape with your intact ass
and whatever was left of your shirt.

First stop was the bank
whose glittering tank was
loaded with jewels, cash and coin.
They found a way
with time held sway,
to transfer that wealth
as the owners dismayed
it's all done without stealth!
And where is the promised protection
that made us so sure in selection? Of this
mighty vault now stuck in the silt
that lay in the wake of the three…
Needy, Greedy and Cruel.

Next stop on the tour
(or was it before?)
an untapped land! With riches on hand!
Oh what a fine glittering shore.


A simple tack will find us back
on top of the piles with conquering smiles,
a small web of tales will
forestall any gales and we'll be off
'fore they know what for.
Even now they toil
to handle that oil,
whole Countries destroyed because of that guile,
the whole world embroiled,
Needy, Greedy and Cruel.

The halls of the hale where
one goes when they're pale
are normally clean and bright.
But with these three they
are dismal you see,
there's way too much toil
to clean up the soil
the dollars are taken,
the dead left unwakened,
the time spent is harmful
not healing, not warmful,
it's really a stinking old blight.
So if you stub a toe
or a fever does grow;
stay away if you value your life,
and thank our Sirs,
Needy, Greedy and Cruel.

A problem you say?
The courts will relay
a solution just, proper, and quick.
The health of the land
depends on the stand they take
'gainst those twisted and sick.
But our three little Princes
stuffed up like plump blintzes
see more than just justice
in long drawn out cases…
the PARTIES are no fun at all.
The tongues that they twisted
tied up, crossed, then insisted
they wished they'd never
come to that ball;so
Needy, Greedy and Cruel.

Is your job speculation?
Or building the Nation?
Indeed you know them well, they're
hotter than hell!
They're at the top of what's in,
the roar and the din,
they are stars at the table and feast.
But do be careful,
don't let them get too full,
they won't stop at the top-
and feeding them sure is a beast.
But they like it there
where nothing is fair
or makes sense, it's a game of the air…
The money's not real yet
but it soon will be, you bet...
And they love you do
Needy, Greedy and Cruel.

Do you need a car that lets you go far?
How far does it have to go?
We used to make what you need,
now that's not the deed,
Our three new bosses
shed no tears for your losses,
-what they see who can know-
but their cars sure don't go
any further than your bank account.
Through the smog and the weeds
you'll soon drive (or be driven)
your new destination a place
we won't mention,
but don't forget you're the buyer
so here begs the question;
How soon do we get the dough?
Our jet planes are grounded,
we still need that big handout
say my bosses
Needy, Greedy and Cruel.

Oh go home to your puddings,
your dumplings and goodings,
they have everything well in hand.
There is nothing you need
that costs more than they'll leave,
you don't mind if it's already been chewed?
complaining's rude, you know
you have all you can stand.
You know this, I see it and more so
we'll soon be it…
a stew or a roast, a sweet for the host,
a sandwich or a treat for their kid.
It's what we were made for,
to feed them and no more,
don't forestall or delay just
watch what they say,
don't ask we won't tell,
having known you's been swell,
the doings they don't count at all.
It is so interesting; all is NOT what it seems-
Thanks to Needy, Greedy, and Cruel.

by THEPossum ;) that's me...no it's not...yes it is...no