If you hated the person who told you the Easter bunny or Santa Claus didn’t really exist - Stop reading this now.

Right. Dame Edna Everage is a great entertainer and performer as Athos pointed out - BUT you should know three very important things about her that you may not want to know, or that may disturb you greatly.

(You were warned)

Firstly: "Dame Edna Everage" is not a real "Dame". Shocking, I know. A "Dame" is (1) A woman holding a nonhereditary title conferred by a sovereign in recognition of personal merit or service to the country, or (2) The wife or widow of a knight. Therefore "Dame Edna Everage" cannot be a real "Dame"*.

(If that didn’t shock you enough there's more)

Secondly; Edna Everage has a penis - yes the one eye'd trouser snake, the wife’s best friend, the percy, the cock, the mans stick, your prick, your hard member... but I digress... Furthermore she contains all the parts necessary to be classified as a male, and none of the parts necessary to be classified as a female. Thusly, Edna Everage is a man.

(Are you sure you don’t want to stop reading now - you just read the last paragraph right?)

Finally; Edna Everage isn’t even HIS/HER real name. Edna Everage is really 67 year-old character actor "Barry Humphries".

So when ever you see Edna Everage dressed in his/her outrageous dresses talking about the womanly thing to do on TV shows like "Dame Edna’s Neighborhood Watch" - Just remember; He/She's not a women, He/She's not a real Dame and he/she is actually a really old character actor named Barry Humphries.

* The fact that “Dame” is slang for “old woman” in many places has been noted. This is why I say; “Dame Edna Everage is not a real Dame” instead of "Dame Edna Everage is not a Dame".