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God is dead. (Nietzshe, THUS SPOKE ZARATHUSTRA, 1883-'84)
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An atheist who gets his joys out of people. Formerly known as the Dego or Dago. A girlfriend named Sara, who is neither plain nor tall keeps a smile on his face, and a best friend named Quinton listens to him dote over his significant other. Interests include philosophy, musical theater, and most things sci-fi. Fancies himself as a nerd of all trades. A proud student of GangstaFeelsGood as of July 20th, 2K1.

God damn it.

The aforementioned Sara is a thing of the past. I was dumped for the Late J.C.. That is, she decided our religious differences were, after all, a little more than her spirituality could handle. Ai yai yai! The smile is still around, but it's usually more of an amused smirk than a sincere grin. I miss her something terrible, but hey, that's the way it goes ain't it? I thought about noding about her, but the story is a tad melodramatic and I doubt I'd be noding for my grandkids or earning any bullshit.