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An excellent television show following the adventures of Bob, a guardian, sent to protect Main Frame from viruses, such as Megabyte and Hexidecimal, code pirates, Web Creatures and all sorts of other invaders.

ReBoot is produced by a team of animators at Mainframe Entertainment in Vancouver, British Columbia who's credits also include the Dire Straits video Money for Nothing in 1985. Mainframe Entertainment is also responsible for the animated series Beast Wars and War Planets.

While the first two seasons of ReBoot were definately aimed towards kids, the third season, produced after the show was cancelled in America, was geared towards older children and adults as the show took on a more mature and aggressive stance. The two main villians became more ruthless and twisted then they ever were before, death was a real possibility and the whole third season contained a very apocalyptic tale for Mainframe.

Luckily the day is saved by our heroes after many long and dangerous journeys of a very heroic nature. The final episode is especially entertaining as not only does it wrap everything up, but after the credits it included a complete opera devoted to the musical retelling of the entire third season.

The episodes are already becoming available on DVD and a movie is currently under production.

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