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Bake Sale by Sebadoh
© 1994 - Sub Pop Records

Track List

  1. License to Confuse
  2. Careful
  3. Magnet's Coil
  4. Not A Friend
  5. Not Too Amused
  6. Dreams
  7. Skull
  8. Got It
  9. S. Soup
  10. Give Up
  11. Rebound
  12. Mystery Man
  13. Temptation Tide
  14. Drama Mine
  15. Together or Alone

This is the CD that introduced me to Sebadoh, and its my favorite. The songs all have lyrics that just about anyone with an artistic soul can relate to. They are depressing and sad and happy and wonderful all at once without being somber, pretentious, or boring. This CD came along at the right point in my life. I needed music like this to pick me up and make me feel like I was not alone. I had just broken up with my fiance, was close to flunking out of college, and totally miserable. It's amazing how music can save you.

The recording is lo-fi without sounding crappy, like some of their previous recordings. Stand-out tracks are "Magnet's Coil", "Rebound", and "Together or Alone".

It's debatable if the title is spelled Bake Sale or BakeSale with no space between the words. I decided to go with the space.