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After you die, your body will begin to decompose just like any other organic material. The process of decay on a human body:

  • One hour after death; the muscles relax totally.
  • Three hours after death; rigor mortis sets in.
  • One day after death; the body has fully returned to room temperature.
  • One day-on after death: the skin shrinks and contracts giving the appearance that the hair and nails have grown.
  • Within one to two days of death; if flies are around, they will begin laying eggs which will hatch into maggots in available areas of the body.
  • After two days from death; rigor mortis relaxes.
  • After two days-on from death; the internal tissue begins the process of decay; starting to turn into gasses and liquids.
  • Within one week of death; the flesh has become liquid-like under the skin.
  • Within two weeks of death; the stomach distends due to accumulation of gasses and this can lead to the discharge of a dark, bloody liquid from the nose and mouth of the corpse.
  • After three to four weeks of death; the body is extremely decayed, hair and nails can be easily pulled out; the trunk has swollen to twice its size; while the face has gone a purple green and the tongue protrudes.
  • After five to six weeks of death; the body has become soup-like.
  • If a body is buried in the ground; after a time of ten years all the tissue has turned to liquid and gas and been absorbed by the surrounding soil leaving only the bones.

This is what happens to everyone after their body dies. Unless, of course, you have paid in advance to be frozen in liquid nitrogen until future technology can revive you (in that case, see: Cryonic Companies Who Will Freeze You If You Pay Them.)