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This British comedy is about the adventures of two brothers selling dodgy goods on the streets of London.

Starring David Jason and Nicholas Lyndhurst as Del-boy and Rodney, the show has been running for many years, and Del-boy's catchphrases "You plonker" and "Lovely Jubbly" have fallen into common usage. The show is a phenomenon, and contains the clip (which was recently voted the funniest moment ever in British comedy, above a clip from Dad's Army) where Del-boy, trying to impress some ladies in a pub, casually leans onto part of a bar which has just been folded up and falls over.

Another famous element from the show is the yellow three-wheeled Reliant van, boasting the words "Trotters' Independant Trading Company" on the sides, and often bearing a sign reading "TAX IN POST" in lieu of a tax disc.