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A Lerner and Loewe musical based on Germelshausen by Friedrich Gerstäcker. It tells of a Scottish village under a curse that makes it invisible to outsiders except for one day every 100 years; for each century that passes in the outside world, only one day passes in ageless Brigadoon. Two lost Americans, Tommy Albright and Jeff Douglas, stumble across the village and Tommy falls in love with a beautiful local lass, Fiona MacLaren. Unwilling to leave the world he knows behind, he returns to New York, but he cannot forget Fiona, and returns to highlands and calls Brigadoon from the mists to rejoin his sweetheart; that he is able to do so proves that his love is true.

The musical was performed on Broadway in 1947 and starred David Brooks as Tommy and Marion Bell as Fiona; Agnes de Mille won a Tony award for her choreography. The popular show became a movie in 1954, with Gene Kelly and Cyd Charisse in the lead roles.

Brigadoon has come to have a broader meaning, and refers to an idyllic place unaffected by time and remote from everyday reality. It's thus a popular moniker for a tourist destination, as in Brigadoon Cottages, Brigadoon B&B, and so on.