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It’s the way the air is washed clean after an afternoon thunderstorm
or it’s your lover’s favorite perfume and their freshly washed hair.
It’s the infant or toddler as you carry them to bed or blow kisses on their belly
or the newly washed clothes that come straight from the dryer after doing laundry.

It’s the new coat of paint or brand new leather furniture and jacket
or warm cookies and brownies baking in the oven.
It’s the bacon frying in the morning and the first cup of coffee to jump start your day
or the ocean as the tide rises and falls during sunrise and sunset.

It’s the fresh fruit or vegetable picked straight off the vine or dug from the earth
or the bakery down the block when it first opens its doors in the morning.
It’s the candle that brings light to an otherwise darkened room
or the newly opened book which you read near the fireplace.

It’s whatever’s been stewing away in the crock pot for eight to ten hours
or whatever has been cooked by barbecue or over an open flame.
It’s the campfire and the morning dew as you climb out of your sleeping bag
or when you drive away in a new car just to take in the scenery with no destination in mind.

It’s brand new carpeting throughout the house and freshly installed woodwork
or whatever three ingredients used in the kitchen to create the holy trinity of cooking.
It’s fresh baked bread right after it comes of the oven and hasn't had a chance to cool
or warm pancakes smothered in fresh maple syrup and covered in butter.

It’s the simple things in life we take for granted on a daily basis
but mostly, it’s the smell that reminds you how it feels to be safe at home.