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I find that music can be very emotion driven. Yet not always. I shall try to explain...

Have you ever found that you will listen to different styles of music according to the mood that you happen to be in? I do.

An example is that I will play different music if I am in a good mood to what I would listen to in a bad mood. Sometimes I find that music with drama can help to relax me, as can angry music. Yet, strangely, there is also relaxing music, which is something completely different.

Of course, all this depends on what type of person you are, and how your mind may work. I enjoy music of varying different types, including: Bjork, Morcheeba, various classical pieces, The Eels, Tori Amos, Madonna, REM and the (sadly deceased) Kirsty MacColl amongst others.

It is not at all uncommon for me to sit with a pile of CDs by me while I am working, and to just chop and change from pop to indie to classical and so on. It depends what I feel like listening to at that specific moment in time. I don't think this is something that anyone can really explain.

Having said all this, and said that I have a fairly eclectic taste in music, if I was forced to listen to some of the utter rubbish that passes for music and gets in the charts it would inspire a completely different reaction. I would scream. I don't know why people associate music that is so truly awful with gay men, especially when another stereotype is that gay men have "amazing style daahling". Hmm. If anybody bought me a Steps CD I would want to break it (or them) into many pieces :-)

So... yes... musical emotions. No explanations and certainly no pattern to it, but it certainly has the power to make you feel better.