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The German "scientists" (in quotes because science is dead wrong about everything and I am serious about that) have informed me there is nothing they can do. The operations done on me by proper, non-scientific and highly amateurish medical persons without licenses (primarily my adoptive father) cannot be reversed.

I was created for a single purpose. I was created for genocide.

There was a meeting of a group of leaders who were friends of my new friend Angela (I am Behr and Behr is your friend as well as hers) and after arguing about how each could use me for "good purposes" (whatever those are) it was decided that they would take me to the place where I was originally created and throw me into the fires that burned in the volcanic ash.

This was very concerning, but I was feeling sluggish after the exploratory surgery I went through. The group taking me to the volcanic place included elves and we know how I feel about elves and what they have done to America since the great 1970s ended and the awful 1980s began and Hillary Clinton also. Write that down in your little notebook you use to write down new learnings you receive on everything2 website.

We are leaving the facility now and I have to fold up my laptop. Further information on elves is available in other award winning columns I have written.