One of my favorite horror films of the 1970s was infamous Hollywood producer Gordon Hamlet's 1973 classic, The Breastfed Stranger.

Now, as you know, in the 1970s, the National Organization for Women put a halt on the breastfeeding of babies due to their strong hatred of all things. As they put severe clamps on their nipples, denying their pleasures to man and baby alike, many died. Many more were spiritually wounded when they went to heaven without a drop of breast milk in their systems.

Which takes us to this fine horror classic.

Nancy Breezeway is the female lead, a rotten to the core piece of NOW filth who has ripped thousands of babies away from mother's teat and forced a cold, steel bottle into their maw and shouted at the baby. Those babies, denied breast milk, are returning from beyond the grave. Obviously, there will be a reckoning. One is clearly due. At this point of the story. A reckoning. There is no question about this. At all.

"There's gonna be a reckoning" says one character. This reinforces the idea of there being a reckoning.

Lori Steinham, the character portrayed by Breezeway, is herding young women into dark rooms and forcing them to abort fetuses they desperately want to launch into the air as live babies after the proper gestation period. While this harsh truth about the feminist agenda is revealed, we are also horrified by how she bites right into the woman's baby place and chews the fetus out in one true to life horrific scene. I have seen pictures of things like this in brochures handed to me by lunatics at the airport and in lending libraries but never like this in 1973 Technicolor. What images.

"There is a price to be paid for all this," says Richard M. Nixon, played here by himself. "A steep price indeed." The odd thing about this is it is actually Nixon playing Nixon but with a voiceover by someone who sounds like Kevin Spacey. I have no idea why. Maybe someone could tell me if they have seen any information on why this is. Doesn't make any sense. We know Nixon could speak. He did so in many memorable speeches about playing checkers. Why is this voiceover happening?

We then see the emergence of the breastfed stranger, star of the show, who appears amidst this factory of fetal destruction with his pearly white smile and gigantic bulge in his polyester slacks. The feminists are humbled because they cannot bear to look upon someone breastfed by his mother until the age of 30, at which point he married her. A new generation of wholesome, breastfed strangers is being created from the fire of these abortionists and their cruel woman-oriented policies designed to enslave white men forever unless they come out as gay. Happening today, almost 50 years later. This is why I am running for President. To put an end to it for once and for all.

Lori Steinham is not convinced that the breastfed stranger can destroy their evil machinations. With some of her stormtroopers, she charges into a Catholic school and begins vacuuming the fetuses forcefully (and with no grace whatsoever) out of every pregnant girl they see. They push a nun's head in a toilet and shove a plunger up her rear end. This is HOW IT IS WITH THESE PEOPLE. They were doing it now just like they do today and must be stopped. Pray to end abortion.

We are marching in a straight line now, the men who are trying to protect these innocent girls. The breastfed stranger is nowhere to be seen. Will he save the day? It is hard to know. The feminists smell blood. They want 100 corpses by dusk so they can burn them in honor of some foul goddess they worship. They hunt like a pack in bars, picking up drunk men with promises of blowjobs and then making massacres happen in the parking lot. Oh the humanity. Please protect our Second Amendment rights with a donation to gun proliferation organizations today. Otherwise the government will come for our cattle.

A priest played by Jesse Rothchilde (who was made famous by the movie about the chicken in 1969 that was nominated for an award) comes in to save the day. He takes some young boys down into the basement and locks the door. Ostensibly it is to shield them from the actions of the bloodthirsty feminists who are now running up to pregnant women in the streets. They are kicking them in the stomach and yelling, "Stop being a slave to men! Free yourselves! Abort for Satan now!" It falls upon the breastfed stranger to do something.

This was the directorial debut of Eugene Paradise Fletcher who went on to do a lot of short films for fringe religious groups in the later 1970s and 1980s and was later caught in a hot tub naked with Senator Jesse Helms in what was tabloid fodder at the times. The liberals were making moves by framing religious people for unsavory acts and crimes in the 1980s. It was shameful (but not depicted in the movie as it was made in 1973 when life was still wholesome and right).

It gets three out of four stars for me. At times the message was too preachy and the horror too light except in the parts I already spoke about. Most of the rest of it involves a lot of shots of people sitting in cars staring at houses with no explanation given. It also has a run time of four hours and forty-nine minutes. Almost four hours of the movie involves these shots of people in cars looking at houses while parked outside.

This is for the horrible quest.