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% host -t txt freon.artificial.com
freon.artificial.com descriptive text "Anesthetized monkeys exposed to 25,000 ppm or 50,000 ppm [of freon] for 5 minutes had cardiac arrhythmias including tachycardia and decreased contractility (U.S. EPA 1983)."
freon.artificial.com descriptive text "[C2Cl3F3]"

As as side note, I'm the person who named that machine. It's a NeXT slab, and we were tossing around possible hostnames suitable for such a sweet machine. I came up with freon because

  1. it's cool
  2. it's old-fashioned
  3. it's not used much any more
  4. ... and yet, it's superior to its modern replacements
(Anyone who disagrees with that last point should go take a drive in a big boat of a freon-cooled-A/C american car.)