There is something eerie about nighttime, especially when you're at the office and you're all alone. Of course, when you're the boss, it's expected that you work longer than everyone, and more often than not it seems to be the case. But, you know what? I don't think I actually mind all that much.

I just got back from dinner at a busy Italian place called Chianti's about ten blocks away. When I left at 6:30pm there were still three of seven employees here working. I love my dedicated little workers. Now, however, as 8pm approaches, it's just me. And as I sit here in the dark, with only my desk lamp providing me any source of light, I have only my thoughts to talk to. But it's okay. Because when I'm alone there is peace and very little distractions (other than Everything). I can code much more efficiently than is possible during the day. The chances of my phone ringing is almost non-existant, especially now that my long time girlfriend left, permanantly.

Soon, I will be able to see the stars through my window on the 16th floor. It rained earlier in the day, and the air, even inside the building, smells clean and fresh. I love the rain. But now the clouds have departed, leaving only a dark blue sky, gradually fading to black.

Ya, all is quiet in the office and I'm alone, but I don't mind. Not even a little bit.