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Am doing great on my diet. No really, I am. Losing weight very quickly, gaining strength in my weak little arms, I had to increase weight on nearly everything in the gym this week, what a shock! I am very happy lately, lots of exercise, and this week I will be doing a lot of work at work instead of goofing off. I'm so far behind, I have to. Spent much time at Renfaire this weekend, it was fun. Got much too drunk on Saturday though, I was a very very bad girl. That behavior won't happen again, it was shameful.

Ahem. Anyway, I haven't been writing many nodes lately, simple not-love-related happiness has found its lovely way into my life, so I haven't been driven by angst or maudlin psychodrama, and I have been too lazy to think of and actually research and write factual nodes.

My dearest M., the old ex-boyfriend, went camping with me, my two sons and a good friend (and her 5 yr. old) last weekend. It was a strange experience. His neediness, addiction, and other odd neuroses, just leapt out at me. I was surprised to find out his level of being; people's true natures (or worst, or best) are more apparent when you spend an entire weekend with them as opposed to a lunch or dinner.