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Hello to all of you out there.

I haven't posted here in about ten years and used to go by the name of Phyllis Stein back when I was very active. Like many of those from that time period, I have visited the site off and on during the years, but have remained silent. In the interim period, I have been lucky to enough to get married and have two wonderful kids. None of these things would have occurred in the way they did had it not been for e2 and the various gatherings I went to and people I met during my time here.

Two years ago, my wife and I started a company called perl Catering. Yes, the name perl was meant to have the insinuations that it will have for the internet crowd, but more importantly serves as an acronym for the members of our family. We are a full service catering company dedicated to using local & organic products for events of all sizes and formalities. Right now, we are finishing a drive on kickstarter.comthat will allow us to fund a breakfast/lunch cafe, retail marketplace and event space. The main building will house a café, catering kitchen & retail marketplace. The café will serve breakfast & lunch items and can be used for private parties, dinners & other events. Our marketplace will showcase local artisanal products including our own line of jams, mustard & preserves, house cured meats along with breads, pastries, cheeses & other locally sourced products from area producers. We will also have a deli selection of seasonally prepared salads, soups, entrees & other items. The marketplace area will contain an espresso bar featuring locally roasted, fair trade coffees.

The site has an extensive backyard area, which will be renovated to house a patio, event space for outdoor parties & receptions and an onsite organic garden which will provide the restaurant with fresh produce and herbs. The money that we raise will go toward refurbishing the kitchen & purchasing furnishings necessary for opening the doors.

Please consider visiting the site and making a donation of any size. Every little bit helps and would be greatly appreciated. Thank you for your assistance!