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The world's second one-calorie soft drink, a competitor to Diet Rite, produced by the Coca-Cola Corporation. Tab became a hit among dieters, although not everyone liked the aftertaste from the artificial sweetener (cyclamate) used. The drink's popularity further waned upon news that cyclamate was possibly carcinogenic, at least in lab rats. Tab is still sold, with the same health warning seen on packets of Sweet'N Low, in very limited quantities. Most diet drinks now use Aspartame, but Ace-K has already won over the hearts of many.

Update 12/24/03 RoyHoo33 says i just picked up some tab, and it's now made with aspartame, but it still has the same shitty aftertaste

Update 01/18/05 sighmoan notes that the artificial sweetener used was cyclamate, not saccharine. Cyclamate was banned in the U.S. in 1969.