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The iPaq is an entire line of computers from Compaq, not only the one mentioned above, but also a small form-factor desktop line. They are very nice looking machines, and the handhelds are very popular, despite the materials shortage that make the all but impossible to find.

The iPaq is unique from other Windows CE handhelds because of its device extensions. To add a device, you must tack on a "jacket", which adds wieght, size, and in the case of the PCMCIA jacket, battery life for the peripheral. This somewhat increases the clumsiness of the unit, but it extends the device greatly.

When i first heard the naming convention (based obviously on the iMac), I was quite turned off, but then i realised that it is great for marketing to associate items with a unique form factor. The iPaqs have enough of their own look and feel that makes the borrowing of the name convention alright in my opinion.