Jack Off Jill was formed in 1992 in Fort Lauderdale, Florida by Jessicka, Tenni Ah-Cha-Cha, . The band has often been compared to Marilyn Manson, as the two bands toured together quite a bit, and was known for their raunchy live shows; in fact, Jessicka, the lead singer, was arrested in 1994 for breaking the adult entertainment code of Jacksonville, Florida.

However, Jack Off Jill is not merely a bunch of shock rockers who value style over substance. They have more in common with grrl bands than with Manson, et al. Jessicka's seemingly sweet, angelic, child-like voice can turn into an angry, wild scream surprisingly quickly, and although the music is comprised mainly of simple power chords, the lyrics more than make up for it. Most of the songs deal with a variety of issues, including self-injury, bad relationships, and anger, which is why it is unsurprising that the vast majority of JOJ's fans are teenage girls.

Jack Off Jill's first release was a single for My Cat/Swollen, in 1994. Their first full-length release was Sexless Demons and Scars, in 1997. A remix CD called Covetous Creature was released in 1998, and their final album, Clear Hearts Grey Flowers was released in 2000.

Jack Off Jill has had 12 members over its 8-year life, most notably Jessicka, who currently sings for the band scarling. Other members included Tenni Ah-Cha-Cha, Robin "Agent" Moulder, Michelle "Inhell", Ho Ho Spade, Laura "Lauracet" Simpson, Scott Putesky, Claudia Rossi, Clinton Walsh, Norm Block, Hellen Storer, and Chris Vrenna.