The New Acoustic Movement is a name given to the rise of acoustic bands, primarily in the UK, starting in 1999. Every band that used acoustic guitars, even occasionaly, were suddenly said to be part of this "movement" and the music press raved about their records. Bands that have been linked to the movement include Turin Brakes, Kings of Convenience Starsailor, David Gray, Coldplay and I am kloot.

Whether the new acoustic movement really exists or not is a much debated question. Some people claim that the movement is just a way for the record companies to ride on the wave of David Gray's and Eva Cassidy's success. Others claim that the whole thing is just a joke by some of Badly Drawn Boy's drinking buddies.

The New Acoustic Movement pretty much died out with the success of the Strokes and other US revivalist bands. As New Musical Express put it (in their review of Black Rebel Motorcycle Club): "Last one down the tattoo parlour still likes Turin Brakes" (see NME).