bob hund is a Swedish rock band formed in 1991. Contrary to what most people believe, the band is from Stockholm. The reason for the confusion is that the singer, Thomas Öberg is from Skåne and has a very strong dialect.

The lineup was complete half a year after the formation and has been the same ever since:

Jonas Jonasson - synthesizer, song, melodika
Conny Nimmersjö - guitar
John Essing - guitar
Mats Hellquist - bass
Thomas Öberg - song, melodika and traffic cone
Mats Andersson - drums

bob hund soon earned a reputation as an incredibly good live band. The record companies started to take notice after a very succesful gig at the Hultsfred festival in 1993 and a few weeks later they were signed to Silence Records. The band has so far been awarded two Grammis awards (swedish Grammys), one in 1994 for best live act and one in 1996 for Thomas Öberg's lyrics.

They list Velvet Underground, Kraftverk and Pere Ubu as their main influences, and among their fans are bands such as Pavement, Blur and Penniless.

bob hund also has an international alter-ego, Bergman Rock.


  • bob hund (1993)
  • bob hund (1994)
  • Edvind medvind (1994) (7" vinyl)
  • I stället för musik: förvirring (1996)
  • Omslag: Martin Kann (1996)
  • Düsseldorf 3:53 + c:a 11 min. från Koppom okt. -94 (1996)
  • Ett fall & en Lösning (1997)
  • Nu är det väl revolution på gång? (1998)
  • Jag rear ut min själ! Allt skall bort!!! (1998)
  • Helgen v48 (1999)
  • bob hund sover aldrig (1999)
  • Skall du hänga med? Nä!! (2001)
  • Stenåldern kan börja (2001)

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