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I'll never forget it. Do you remember like I do? It was on Meitlisunntig, January 12, of course, in the Seetal district of Aargau - a part of town where I did not usually go. The girls re-enact the role of women in the Villmergen War of 1712 and it is spectacular. I remember that it was an unusually wet day, and I had packed some sunflower seeds to snack on. Things were going smoothly until you began Flamenco dancing, right there in the crowd. What provocative brio, I thought. What chutzpah. I threw a seed at you, and wasn't terribly surprised when you approached me.

"What I meant to say was," you said. "What I meant to say..."

I saw you forming the Tibetan fist of death beside your thigh. You were nervous, and I wanted to placate you.

"I like listening to previously recorded emergency warnings," I said.

"I like cut-up 3 Musketeers bars on Saltine crackers."

"...and sometimes I enjoy, like, gardening. You know."

You had been silent, but your first relaxed. I took your hand and we watched the rest of the march.