I happen to be a woman with a shaved head. I often find myself discussing it with people I meet online, either when asked what I look like or after people view my website. Parents and boyfriends aside, I usually get very positive reactions to being a female with a shaved head, from both males and females.

Not long ago, I had a conversation about my lack of hair with a guy that I met online. He said something to the effect that it was great that I could escape from society's obsession with physical appearance and do something not because it would make me look beautiful.

Frankly, I found that insulting.

I love the way I look with a shaved head. Most people agree with me (although that isn't actually why I shaved or why I continue to shave my head). I simply could not believe that anyone would think I would intentionally make myself look bad, just to prove a point or make a stand or something. I wasn't making a statement, I was making a decision about my own person and what I thought made me attractive. When I pointed that out to him, that I actually think I look good, he got quite confused. He could not even comprehend how a girl could look good with no hair. It blew my mind that someone could be so mistaken and closed minded.

Apparently he didn't like women with shaved heads.