At one point in the early 90's (try as I might, my research won't tell me when), Southwest Airlines ran an ad with the headline "Work at a place where wearing pants is optional. Not to mention high-heeled shoes, ties, and panty hose." It showed a picture of a flight attendant (no doubt referred to as a stewardess back then) carrying a tray of drinks, wearing khaki shorts, socks, and sneakers.

Sentence fragments aside, the goal of the ad was to attract people to work at Southwest based on its casual, employee-centered atmosphere. They found that a relaxed style of dress and attitude made the flight attendents friendlier and resulted in a better, more comfortable flight for the passenger. The ad showed that Southwest could be a fun place to work and a fun way to fly.

I just thought it was funny that "wearing pants is optional" were the biggest words in the ad.