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I have 18 more days where my daughter and I are home together.

She got back from Thailand and on Sunday we took the ferry from Port Townsend to Coupeville, Washington. Drove up Whidby Island, over Deception Pass and to Larrabee State Park. Monday morning she had a math placement test at Western Washington University and then class registration. I picked her up Tuesday. We did some hiking and exploring.

Thursday I dropped her at the University again for a week long freshman camping trip. I pick her up again this week.

I go off on a trip without her at the end of August.

I worked yesterday. The patient that I spent five hours fighting to find hospice care for two weekends ago died 5 days after hospice started. Harrison Medical Center in Kitsap County has been taken over by CHI Franciscan Health and the phones were screwed up and Harrison Home Health was closing after 30 years. I ended up getting help by sending emails with subject lines like "dying patient in Kitsap County that needs hospice, help" to the CHI Franciscan Board of Directors and to the Harrison Hospital board. I was really really angry that she had basically been dropped by Swedish Hospital into her son's home "with no home health because it's not available". It was available after I yelled for long enough. Boards do not like that sort of email because they know that next I will go to the papers and to Facebook. So far my impression of CHI Franciscan Corporate is SUCKS SUCKS SUCKS.

...but at least after screaming for 3 hours Friday and another on Saturday and a third on Monday, my patient had help by Tuesday. And died Saturday.

And that is the current state of medical care.....

Harrison Medical Center