You will ask if he loves you.

You will ask it too often.

If you do not, it voids the agreement.

“Often” is defined in detail on page six.

He will always say "yes."

He will say it too quickly.

If he does not, it will void the agreement.

“Of course” is allowed

under certain conditions.

The list of conditions can be found on page three.

Anything else will void the agreement.

“In a way”, for example,

is never allowed.

Nor is “I guess."

On page eight you will find

there’s a “dalliance” clause.

He will have indiscretions.

He will stray a few times.

This is expected.

See the chart on page nine.

You will stare at the ceiling.

You will do this too often.

“Often” was revised,

it is now on page five.

You will not ask him to look in your eyes.

If you ask questions

it voids the agreement.

You will wear

that green dress that he likes

and light candles.

You will pick up the pieces.

You will make it look seamless.

You will think from now on

before signing agreements.