Have I been far and never known

is this the dress my mother made

and made me wear on days of snow

kneecaps red as old men’s coats

this clear black lake was this our home

is this the room where I once slept

the room where I was put to sleep

where the wolves brought Valentines

is this our yard that’s overgrown

have I been far did I forget

is that what’s called an alibi

was I fed or fed to death

were these windows aways left

open wide on days of snow

have I been far and never known

are these the wolves I never saved

is this the dress my mother hates

wrinkled red like old men’s throats

are these the lips she kissed me with

is this the drawer she kept them in

have I been here all this time

am I a dress that’s made of skin

am I the girl the wolves protect

will they stay through days of snow

this clear black lake I thought was mine

is it the same as innocence.