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It started off wonderfully - we smiled and talked for what seems like hours. We shared smiles and hugs. Flowers were sent when someone was feeling down. Candles illuminated the glass of wine.

Out of the blue, you asked a question - a question to which apparently I gave the wrong answer. It was the only truthful answer that I could give.

And now, you don't return my calls nor acknowledge me when I say 'hello' as we pass on the street. It begins to take its toll as I realize how much I do treasure what we did have and how empty I am now. I miss the smiles and the hugs and the warm feeling when you said 'hello' to me.

Is there any way to get what we had back? Or is it too far gone now? I still wonder if there is something I could have done or said differently that would have kept our friendship.

Could we start again, please?

Hello, my name is Michael. What is yours?