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Had a birthday party for Resey last night. She wore me out. She got some new toys, and bam started doing laps around the house yelling and a rumblin' and a stumblin'.

Supposedly my aunt and her "friend" are coming in from Texas today. I wonder how butch her friend will be this time? The more the better, I say. Her last "friend" (I'm using her word there including air quotes) fished, ran ball, and filled out the foursome in golf with us all the time. I'll miss Joanne. I hope Marie is cool.

I was gonna fix my car stereo today. I blew my right front door 6.5 mid-range driver about a week ago. My imaging's has been all fucked up this week. I got some MB Quart 2-ways to replace the blown MTXs in the front doors. It's raining real hard though, and I probably won't be able to put them in today. I'll call my buddy and see if I can use his garage, but I think he's got an old Ford pickup he's hotrodding in there.

Still have to find an apartment in Peoria. I've got all of a week left. My roomate to be is supposed to come over this afternoon. I have to pin him down on whether he is moving or not.

More later...

Well Marie, came and went. She is just Bridge's friend. No quotes this time. She and Bridge met in Texas, and Marie happens to be from the next town over in Illinois. She's very pretty and (I'm guessing from the boyfriend talk) very straight -- too bad for Bridge On the upside, she did arrive with beer in hand. They roadpopped up from Peoria, and though Marie doesn't golf, her folks run a golf course ten miles from here!!!