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Perhaps a vengeful fallacy, perhaps a sentiment we're raising our children to believe... Growing up in western Canada, where the history of natives is long, and the recent attempts of reconciliation strong, the division between the white man and the First Nations people is glaringly apparent. It worries me, that such distinction is forced upon people, of whom the vast majority were not alive for the events of imperialism and oppression which justify the modern situation.

Because your great-great-grandfather did nasty things to his great-great-grandfather, they don't have to pay taxes.


But hey, it doesn't give them any sort of advantage. Those innocent descendants of aboriginals, despite being treated better than myself, getting all sorts of freebies, are still doing much worse. A native reservation, from my naive caucasian eyes, looks much worse for wear than any other neighbourhood in Vancouver I can think of.

And so, even as I cringe for stepping over a line of political correctness, as I shudder that I dare bring up such a fiery topic, I must ask the question,

Should indigenous people be treated better than you or me?