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I'm Back

...and I know how to use it. Or at least I think I used to did. ahem. let me start at the middle.

The last node that I noded before I noded 2 nodes tonight (I just did I mean, I mean it just turned into tomorrow), was Dub Poetry on 09/09/2000. What happened? Where'd I go and why am I back?

I took a wrong turn and I just kept going... I had a lot going on and I was about to node my 100th node, and I was excited about it, but it also sorta gave me a time n' place of anti-climax. I slipped out of obsession (ah sweet falling in love of node-frenzy!! ah.) and sorta just... let it drift away.

I still get the update emails, so I sorta kept up from afar (like seeing your daughter that you long lost yerself from on tv... or through the security camera at 7-11), but only sorta.

Over 2 years later... and in the meantime, about 1/3 of my nodes got pruned; I just visited 'em in Node Heaven. They look at me sad with big-eyed What'd we do?'s, and the shitty plastic wings that somebody coded for 'em. It seems there have been some changes round these parts since I Rip Van Winkled, or so Klaproth would have be believe. (you know, I think that guy's a replicant!). I've been trying to study up to find any new community standards that post-date me. If there are any good reference nodes, hep me to 'em, huh? And I still have nearly 70 good nodes left. And there's so much more to node! Onward, up the mountain toward the century mark yet again!

Anyway, I'm back. And how. And why? Because of that new quest. It was a sign, I tells ya'. Cuz I've started working in a job focused on tobacco. I'll be noding all about that. I'm now part of the Tobacco Control effort. I'm also a former smoker, in fact I still smoked sometimes, when I was stressed, until recently. And I wasn't a massive smoker (I was never near a pack-a-day), but I really enjoyed smoking, and don't regret that I did it, nor do I condemn its use utterly. But it's something to be wary of. And when you get an inside look at how the tobacco companies operate, it's enough to give you a strong distaste for the fag n' the shag. As if that weren't enough, I was raised in Richmond, Virginia, the land of Philip Morris, so tobacco would appear to be a major motif for me. So when this quest came up, I'm like, that's my Bat Signal and I came back for another fling with E2.

I think it'd be great if there was something cigarette-like to smoke that wasn't totally poisonous and wasn't sold by the evilest, morally bankruptedest, business inhumans on our sick little planet. I mean that they suck evil. And the herb never did it for me. But don't let that stop you. Meanwhile I'll stop yapping about tobacco--there are nodes for that.

Everything is so great (I don't need to tell you this. I will do it anyway.). For me it's a great outlet for writing, it's a type of writing that I really enjoy, and an audience that (I think) I understand and can relate to. I mean, you're online, so you must be at least a little geeky. You're HERE so you must have a mission drive within everything and know the importance of expression and documentation. Hey, I gotta go to bed now. Good morning!

Now I owe ideath a note and Phinslit a dollar and a quarter