Koneisto Festival is an event for electronic music held annually in Finland.

On its first year, 2000, it was an instant success: over 60 artists, full crowds and beautiful weather filled the Kupittaa sports park in Turku for two great days. The festival was an excellent snapshot of the Finnish scene and also boasted some internationally respected artists, the likes of Luke Slater and Richie Hawtin.

The second year will more than double the number of artists/groups. While the focus is still on promoting local talent, the number of international artists has also increased considerably.

The Koneisto festival will be covered by most major magazines focusing on DJ-culture, techno, electronic music etc.

(updated several years later)

Koneisto is still up and running, although the past three years (2002, 2003 and 2004) its been held in Helsinki, in the massive former Cable Factory (Kaapelitehdas) complex. The line-ups are still impressive with an emphasis on local acts and a hand-picked selection of interesting foreign performers and the mandatory handful of super stars. Check out their fiercely fancy (read: almost unreadable) website at http://www.koneisto.com/

The feeling and atmosphere has changed quite a lot since the Turku days mainly because of the (mostly) indoor venue. Its still good and fun, but lacks the peaceful parklife atmosphere of the original location. What used to feel like a weekend festival now feels more like a weekend club. Also the organizer is these days a "professional" company rather than the original grass-root effort. This doesn't necessarily mean its worse, but things are changing.

I've been to all 5 Koneisto's to date and intend to go there in the future as well. Musically its well worth the price of the tickets, but its hard not to compare the atmosphere with the old times in Turku.

Tip 1: Keep your eyes open for pre- and post-Koneisto parties. These are often poorly advertised and take place long before or after the festival. But they can have major international names such as Carl Cox or Dr. Alex Paterson playing.
Tip 2: Check out the new festival in Turku which is partly organized by the people originally behind Koneisto, Uuden Musiikin Festivaali, UMF, (New Music Festival). Their website is at http://www.uudenmusiikinfestivaali.fi/ . UMF first started in 2004.