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Hmm, I am going to have to saaaayyy... no.

I think it is better to be ignored than misunderstood or that it is better to be hated then to be smothered, but I cannot say I give a shit either way if people choose to ignore me. For someone who has been called an attention whore, this may come as a shock to most of you, but for the most part I dislike people and shun them on a regular basis.

I would truly rather be left alone in my day to day dealings than to have random people I have never met before approach me on the streets and try to talk to me. I blew off a "cute" girl just last night that tried to talk to me while I was in line to get my cocoa at the cafe across the street. I know whom I like and whom I don't like within about 15 seconds of meeting them or even being exposed to them. I would say I am correct about people and their nature with a 90% accuracy, and I don't like most of them, so why bother caring what they do?

When it comes to the few people on this planet I do care for, they get all my attention and they don't get to ignore me. :P

I can empathize with those whom have little voices and get walked all over by everyone because of it. To them it may be better to be hated than ignored, but not to everyone I can assure you. Hatred makes me leery, being leery requires some of my attention; being ignored requires no energy on my part at all.